Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quietly Alone

It is now Monday morning and I have had a very peaceful weekend. Friday evening, I had my friends Michelle and Naomi over to watch Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. We also had a good old chinwag and ate pizza. Oh, my waistline will never revert to its skinnier form at this rate!

Saturday and Sunday were very quiet. I was up early both days due to a) my natural body clock and b) a persistent hungry cat. With no plans arising, I was able to catch up on some reading, do some chores around the house and lie back on the settee watching DVDs (particularly episodes of Quantum Leap and Star Trek - confirming the geek within.)

I only ventured out once and that was on Sunday around lunchtime in order to get some provisions from the supermarket, mainly ingredients for the salad I make for my work lunches (spinach, beetroot, cocktail onions, celery, carrot, capsicum/pepper and feta cheese).
Oddly for my supermarket, there was a rather jovial ambiance amongst the customers. I usually go first thing in the morning when it's quiet and I am armed with an iPod to shut out the majority of noises, but this time, none of my senses were hindered and they were being stimulated in various ways. The person who served me was incredibly upbeat and chatty. His name was Israel. I think it must have been his first day - I imagine if I see him next week, he'll be morose. I shouldn't be so mean though - there is one woman there called Esther - an Amazonian Jew (if there ever was such a type) and she is remarkably jovial and I often have a talk with her when we meet.

The other thing I did this weekend was incredibly nerdy. I was reloading various CDs onto my iTunes but making sure all the correct details were applied in the 'info' box including the 'sorting' specifications. What a laborious task! Still, it is satisfying when one completes the job. I will continnue to do this slowly over time doing one artist or band at a time.

So, that was my quiet weekend. I do enjoy my own company and I often imagine what it would be like to live in a world inhabited solely by me. Watching the Star Trek episode 'Metamorphosis' last night put me in mind of a utopian world in which I could be perfectly happy... but then I imagine I'd probably go insane too. Whoops, too late.

I am fully aware that this is not the most interesting subject matter for a post, but I assure you that future posts will most likely have a little bit more to get your teeth into (or 'eyes into'?)
Forgive this dull post and blame it on the early morning mind.

Tread Lightly

I am by no means a novice to the art of 'blogging' as I have posted various journals elsewhere online. Sometimes they have had reasonable lifespans and others have been still-born. This one may be the beginning of something more durable than those of the past and I hope it is of interest to somebody, somewhere in the world.

My posts will vary between random reviews of films, books and TV shows and the occasional rant about the state of human nature. There will be occasional jokes, pretentious ponderings and maybe even a picture or two. Time will only tell.

I understand people may possibly want to comment upon my various ramblings so I just might take things carefully to begin with and tread lightly.
Let us see where this goes...