Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mr Know-It-All

Yes, the title to this is ironic. I know very little about politics. That being said, I feel the need to get something off my chest. As I am not an Australian Citizen, people may think that I have no right to have an opinion on Australian politics, but I have had to endure weeks of bilge inflicted upon me as a resident of the country, so here's my opinion (for what it's worth).

I simply don't understand why anyone would vote for Tony Abbott. As far as I can tell, voting for him is akin to voting for Pauline Hanson. Those who say "Well, I'm voting for him because I am sick of the Labor Government!" need to realise that this is like saying "I'm going to eat this rat-poison infused dog turd because my recent diet hasn't worked!"

The man has proven himself to be foolish, archaic, homophobic, sexist and an all-round dodgy player. What really upsets me is that I know a handful of people who are quite content to support this mad bastard and I take it too personally because a vote for him is like saying that you have no care for your fellow citizens; you don't think gay men and women are equal to you - that they are second class citizens. A vote for Tony is a vote for prejudice and bigotry. Thanks, twats.

Yeah, yeah... I know a lot of politics is also about money, but nothing I have seen proves that the Australian economy is going to improve. And why are people always swayed by their pockets rather than their hearts or brains? So many political ads this year have been saying "We'll give you $XXXX if we're in power!" - Hmm, bribery... good start. It's maddening to think that so many thick shits will be blinded by this shiny waving golden ticket. YES, economy is important, but there are so many quick-fix answers which seem to persuade the short-sighted. I have said similar about the way businesses work these days - instead of striving to be better and succeed that way, they work to grow the cheapest possible way. I can think of a few gardening and/or architectural analogies about the futility of such ventures, but I think you can see where I am going. Stop me... I am digressing...

I can see some people reading this shaking their heads and thinking 'Yeah, but...' and wanting to slap me. This is why I tend not to discuss politics.

What I would love to see is a Government that puts the rights of people and the community first; a Government that has a heart.

I should stick to writing about trivial nonsense.