Friday, June 19, 2015

Express Yourself

There’s an invisible blanket of fascism enveloping us all and most seem oblivious to it.

People (if they are cognizant) are far too complacent about it and, in some cases, complicit in its weighty shroud of control.

Have you noticed it?

Them: So, tell us what you need, what is bothering you, what we can do to help.

Us: Well; X, Y & Z is bad. Life, health and everything would improve if we had A, B & C.

Them: Thanks for the feedback… we asked. That was the first part of our job. The second part is to completely ignore your desires and tell you to “suck it up”.

The unspoken motto is “Blend in and shut up”. Or should that be “Resistance is futile!”?

Am I talking about governments, corporate industry or just humanity in general?

You decide.

I think we should break free and express ourselves. We need to be heard. We are not automatons.